Snowdrops: 10 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

They are the ultimate spring flower and are the very first sign of life following the winter months.  Read on to find out more about the favourite humble snowdrop, and be amazed…


1.They are known as the ‘flower of hope’.
Being the first to flower after winter, you can certainly see why these pretty whites are renowned for this!


2.They are not native to England.
In fact, naturally the snowdrop is found in alpine areas, so they have adapted to survive snowy conditions!


3.Snowdrops have useful medical properties.
The Snowdrop produces an alkaloid called Galanthamine, which has been found effective in treating Alzheimers!


4.It’s apparently bad luck to bring them inside.
A superstition has developed that the flower indicates impending death and should be kept outside!


5.They can be sold for record-breaking amounts of money.
In 2011, a single Snowdrop bulb was sold for a whopping £350!


6.The snowdrop is under threat of being endangered.
The trading of snowdrop bulbs is tightly regulated- it’s also illegal to collect bulbs from the wild in most countries.


7.It can be deadly to animals.
Due to the bulbs likeliness to the onion, the snowdrop can often be eaten and can consequently poison its nibbler!


8.They’re appearing earlier and earlier.
Snowdrops typically appeared in February, but since the 1990s they can flower as early as January!


9.Galanthus Nivalis is its scientific name.
Its name is coined from the greek words ‘gala’ meaning milk, ‘anthos’ meaning flower and ‘nivalis’, translating as snow.


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