The Woodland Bulb Company

“We aim to provide our valued customers with the highest quality bulbs at the lowest price.”Tom Lambert/Managing Director

Our History

The Woodland Bulb Company is a well-known family business specialising in producing and growing exceptional high quality bulbs and woodland varieties, we are proudly renowned for our decades of expertise and generations of knowledge, boasting over 30 years of experience in the bulb industry.

Our Company offers exceptional top quality freshly lifted stock, guaranteeing only the best products for our highly valued customers. You are buying in confidence the highest quality bulbs and service each year we are advertised in top gardening publications, We also sell at large auctions across the country, offering top quality merchandise such as landscaping trees, fruit trees, shrubs, ground covers, roses, perennials and many more remarkable products to choose from.

Woodland-Bulbs boasts fresh high-quality stock that is freshly lifted to order from our own woodland and grounds, situated on our large established nursery. Our range of freshly turned bulbs are grown to perfection and will allow any flowering garden to flourish to its full potential. Woodland-bulbs has made an outstanding customer basis, with a fantastic selling record which hasn’t gone unnoticed, We value all of our customers and have a fully established nursery with two professional website mail order companies.

The woodland bulb company knows how important quality is and how to achieve only the best gardening results for the ultimate gardening experience, with decades of experience and knowledge behind us, our full range woodland varieties and other remarkable stock provide for both the domestic and commercial markets.

We pride ourselves on our strong drive towards providing top quality and the best gardening results with many outstanding plant and bulb products to choose from.

The benefit of mail order is the full range of products giving you convenient and fast-delivery of top quality produce straight to your door.

Confident in the fact that all our bulbs and plants are of a premium quality and guaranteed to grow, We provide great savings on many popular lines.

Feel free to take the time and explore the various products throughout our site.