Get Your Garden Spring Ready

Get Your Garden Spring Ready

It’s time to give your garden a little spring clean!

1. Get your bulb on!

It’s the best opportunity for you to start thinking about your garden and what beauties you want to plant in order to create that perfect spring paradise. We’d recommend Anemones, Daffodils and Snowdrops for a delightful display. You can also browse our website for many more aesthetically pleasing plants for you to choose from. Get ordering today!

2. Clean, clean, clean!

It’s easy to neglect your garden a little over the winter months, so get back out there and get loving it again! After being exposed to a period of harsh elements, it might be that your outdoor area has suffered from the storms and cold weather. You need to begin clearing the old leaves, broken branches and other debris that has gathered for that squeaky clean appearance!

3. It’s all about the tools!

A gardener is nothing without tools: treat them a good old sharpen and a clean down! Not only will it massively improve the performance of them, but also they’ll be easier to work with and will give cleaner cuts.

4.  Clear out that greenhouse!

We’re all a little guilty of holding up rubbish in our greenhouses and sheds, so this is the best time to incorporate some sense of organisation! Start by chucking or recycling anything you don’t need, arrange your tools, dust away any cobwebs and give the windows a clean down. Perfection!

5.  Jazz up your garden!
Now you’ve got the ultimate garden space, why not introduce some exciting new features for the spring season? We’re talking water-features, garden ornaments, bird tables or any other accessories that might just take your fancy!

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