The Bulbs You Need In Your Spring Garden

It might not feel it with the brittle weather, but spring is incredibly close around the corner. We all know a change in the season = a change in your garden, so here’s the new additions you need…

1. English Woodland Aconites
It may be that you already have these honey-scented beauties in your garden as they can survive the winter climate, but these aconites can also bloom into early Spring. What better way to go into the new season than with these bright and chirpy flowers?



2. Pipit Miniature Scented Daffodils
We all know that daffodils are the signature flower of the spring season – and it’s safe to say that these delights never fail to bring life to garden in need of some TCL.




3. Thalia Miniature Daffodils
If you don’t want your garden to be overly cliche and yellow for the new season, why not try mixing your daffodils? These snowy elegant bulbs would make the perfect centre focus for your patio or pot display.



4. English Bluebells
If you’re looking for some bulbs you can plant later into the spring, then the English Bluebell is perfect for you. Major perk: they’ll last up to five weeks, meaning they’ll see you throughout a great chunk of the season.



5. Tulip
Tulips are the perfect additions to your spring flowing bulb collection, allow your garden to flourish to it’s full potential with a truly wonderful display of colour and contrast, it’s an absolute must for spring.




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